Time-Map 2016: Nine Star Ki profile of the June Full Moon

Like the stinger in the tail of a scorpio, the Nine Star Ki profile of this full moon bends itself over and touches your deepest self.

June 20, 2016 – 01:04am UTC in Sagittarius

The Nine Star Ki profile of today is: 2 – 7 – 9 – It’s characteristics show a fiery exaltation, maybe some anger in looking for ways to undertake action (9-Fire) which you direct towards yourself or the other (2-Earth) after which these actions take you back to your inner child (7-Metal) or your pure source (middle position).

This is a special moment in time: the light of the full moon converges with that of the summer solstice flooding the earth in an abundance of light. So much light power is very rare to have in one day. The last time this happened was in 1967. The next time will occur in 2067. Beside that this is the second full moon this month making it a blue moon, once again in sagittarius. As if everything needs to be extra, say double, heightened. Question is of course what this ‘everything’ is comprised of.

Schorpioen Nina-Elshof-Feng-Shui

9-Fire in this Nine Star Ki profile, is situated in the third position which is connected with the way we act, come into action. 9-Fire shows itself in this position as the adventurer endlessly looking for a next adventure, always in pursuit of something interesting outside himself. If only it’s exciting, thrilling and daring. 9-Fire follows the music, is in pursuit of sensation, seeking humor just to create as much hullabaloo necessary to be put in the spotlight. In this position 9-fire can show itself in a very dominant way, even show traces of hidden aggression; this passive-aggressive behaviour could come to a climax in an outburst of anger or a temper tantrum. This shows a strong resemblance with the nature of the archetypal seeking warrior, the outlaw, who is only looking for trouble and upsetting the status quo. Because the profile of this month starts in this third position, the energy of this month is ruled by the question out of which passion or heartconnection you are making your choices and engage in your actions. How sincere are they? In which way are they in need to be replaced? Which part of your present status quo needs to be turned upside-down? Which adventure do you want to engage yourself with? Which comfort zones do you need to free yourself from in order to proceed with your life?

These questions mainly include yourself and the way you relate to ‘the’ other. This is represented by the energy of 2-earth in the first position, to which 9-fire directly passes on it’s energy. 2-Earth in comparison with the dynamic energy of 9-fire, is way more conservative. It rather chooses the safety and security of a materialistic life over a spiritual one. 2-Earth describes the foundation of your existence and it’s intrinsic value for you. However 2-earth also represents the limiting effect this inclination towards security can have on the possibility to progress in your life and it shows itself in the form of blockages and hindrances and in a lack of spiritual profundity. 2-Earth represents the archetypal mother that worries more about you wearing a clean pair of knickers than if you are able to reach your true destination in life. She rather holds you under her wings, in the safety of her nest. That way nothing unpleasant nor spectacular can happen to you.

From this position 2-earth connects it’s energy with that of 7-metal in the middle position. The position through which you can connect with your heart, your inner life and the energy of your soul. 7-Metal is the naive child that is unlimitedly free in it’s thinking. A way of thinking that isn’t yet experiencing any hinderance because of rules that need to be followed or conventions that need to be obeyed. Out of this pureness of thinking, this somewhat naive approach of the world, you can create an unlimited access with the purity of your inner life. With the world of your true emotions, your intuition and above all your soul. It’s not about “Was will das Weib” as Sigmund Freud said, but about what C.G. Jung said: “[…] die Seele will ich erkennen”. Acknowledging your true motivations that impel your life’s quest.

Like a scorpio, this month’s Nine Star Ki profile points its finger, its stinger, towards those little aching spots in your heart, in your inner life. You can choose to either let the venom paralyse you, or to let it destroy old patterns, hence liberating you so you can go out and position yourself in the abundant spotlight of full moon and solstice lightpowers. Because only through light and the powers of light we can dispel the convulsive fears of the heart.

Over Nina Elshof Feng Shui

Ik woon in Nederland en werk met cliënten in heel Europa. Daarnaast leid ik mensen op tot Feng Shui Professional en schrijf boeken en artikelen over Feng Shui. Ik nodig je uit te reageren op de artikelen in dit blog. Veel leesplezier!
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