Time-map: July Full Moon

The Nine Star Ki profile of todays full moon is that of a man-on-a-mission. The inherent power is noticeable to everyone. It offers the opportunity to add the extra dimension this profile has to offer, to one’s own energetic structure.

July 20, 2016 – 00:58am UTC in Capricorn

The Nine Star Ki profile of today is: 2 – 6 – 1. It’s characteristics are to learn from previous experiences and to manifest and solidify (2-earth) by using the ability to make clear and intelligible choices and of choosing an unambiguous direction (6-metal, middle position). As a result purification on the atmost deepest level of both yours and the collective unconscious can take place. 

June’s full moon already was a special one: the light of the full moon converged with that of the summer solstice, flooding the earth in an abundance of light. July’s full moon has special characteristics too. First the Nine Star Ki profile that reflects the energy of this full moon, is that of a man-on-a-mission, second there’s a very stressful planetary pattern around the full moon that has happened only once before in the last 500 years: January 1933 when Hitler was named Chancellor of Germany.

Fire-Dragon-Nina-Elshof-Feng-ShuiIt’s summer, it’s hot and emotions can easily get overheated. Add to that the dance of the firedragon that, with his hot, searing breath and feral swishing tail pulls a trail of death, fear and destruction across the earth and you have a scenario in which we can make very dumb, very stupid choices. Mostly instigated by fear; the worst counsellor ever!

Fear, in this Nine Star Ki profile, is represented by the element 1-water in the third position. This water not only represents fear and emotions, but also ‘the people’ and the unconscious be that of the collective or of ourselves. In the deep, dark waters matters are hidden that we’re not able to handle with our daily conscious and that we are ever so happy to project onto others, like it happened in the period subsequently Hitler’s denomination. Back then it were the Jews that were demonized and that were blamed for all misery. Now we see a tendency to do the same with immigrants, refugees, muslims and all other people we do not feel connected with.

Yes, we’re all different. No, we’re not all that different. We are human beings. We belong to one species. We are part of this enormous big family (2-earth) and like in any family, there are leaders that, like a father and mother, determine the structure within that family. And there are children that need to learn what needs to be learned and that need to be raised and formed after the ideal images father and mother have in mind for us.
Fathers and mothers however also represent par excellence values and truths that keep the established order established, that stabilize stability and keep the power in place.

This Nine Star Ki profile refers to the power leaders, in their role as our ‘parents’ (2-earth and 6-metal) hold over us, the followers, the people (1-water). It is a battle between everything from the outer world that imposes itself upon us; 2-earth and 6-metal really want to determine what is good for you and which rules you need to obey on one hand, and that which you yourself, your soul truly wants for yourself and which emerges from you inner world (1-water) on the other.

To find a proper answer to the latter, it is important to take a closer look at the quality of this water, because, like I mentioned before, water can conceal the biggest trauma’s and deepest fears. They lie dormant like Jaws to grab and pull you under water and to crush you between their enormous jaws in an endless attempt to quench their unquenchable hunger for confirmation and acknowledgement.

This water however, also conceals your biggest talents that like treasures lie waiting at the bottom of the sea to be discovered. All discovery takes, is your willingness to dive into the deep and confirm and acknowledge the monsters you encounter on your treasure hunt as being valuable components of yourself. They hold a function! They’ve once protected you in situations you weren’t able to handle. They’ve taken care of your emotional survival so you could go on living. They showed their teeth at moments you weren’t able to. They deserve your respect and attention. That’s the only way to ‘tame’ them hence granting yourself unlimited access to treasure chests filled with delightfulness and beauties.

On a personal level that is quite an assignment. On a global level it’s a hell of a job! Are we, as humanity, evolved enough, have we learned enough from the past (2-earth) to be able to make different choices and choose a different direction (6-metal) in the present situation? Have we tamed our water monsters in such way we don’t feel the need anymore to project them in the outer world?We cannot demand others to dive into the dark waters of the collective unconscious to tame the global monsters. We can only decide to do so for ourselves.

That’s where the other special quality of this Nine Star Ki profile gets into the picture; that of a man-on-a-mission. This Nine Star Ki profile is one in which an energetic pattern is standing out that needs a proficient eye to recognize. It is a profile that evokes both envy and fear because of the greatness it has to offer and the endless responsibilities that come with it. It is a profile only some people are born with.

This full moon however, offers the opportunity to gain access to the energetic advantages of this profile: you can decide now to stand for a life in service of life, to dedicate your life to manifest a more impassioned and more mature version of yourself, to follow a mission that is larger than your own. That way you will be able to engage as a powerful initiator of change, to stand for values that harm no other, values that not endanger the world, values that contribute to establishing a better world, a world without violence, hatred and bigotry.

Such a wonderful profile and all its advantages comes at a price. The price to take on responsibilities many would run away from. It demands knowing yourself, taking responsibility for who you are, diving into your underwater world and face your monstrous fears and trauma’s, and seeing and expressing yourself through pure love. It demands you take on the responsibility of owning your own power and inner wisdom. It demands to become a leader yourself that is an example to others. A leader that is able to recognize and anchor the goodness and positive energy that is inside each one of us. A leader that, under any given circumstance, even if someone jumps the queue or takes the last available parking space, is prepared and willing to keep this goodness and positive energy in focus.

Only then will the collective fear that has a grip on us and holds us prison, will loose it’s power over us. Only then we can find a way out of this chaos. Only then we can put into practice what we’ve learned from the past and are willing to do it different this time!


Over Nina Elshof Feng Shui

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